FAQ’s – We are often asked these questions so thought it would be useful to list them here for reference.

How am I billed for my livery?

The basic livery is unchanged each month and we ask that a standing order is set up for this amount, to be paid on the first of the month. Extras, ie shoes, wormers are billed separately, usually a few days into each month, and should be payed via BACs bank transfer or cash within 7 days of billing

Can I park my horsebox/trailer at the yard?

Yes – we charge £5 per month to leave your vehicle here

Do you offer individual turnout?

We do not currently offer individual turnout paddocks. We have paddocks available for short term use for medical reasons

Are there opening/closing times for the yard?

Yes, 6am to 8.30pm. Obviously we accept that there will be times ie when getting ready for a show that you may be here later or earlier than this, but please be as quiet as possible.

Why do I need to have my horse quarantined and blood tested before it can mix with the horses on the main yard? It’s not been ill?

In recent months we have unfortunately had a horse bring with it the strangles virus, which quickly spread amongst the owner’s other horses, and to some other liveries who came into contact with the horse before it was diagnosed.  This resulted in a yard ‘lock down’ and a time-consuming, and expensive testing/treating regime, before we were able to declare ourselves disease-free and open to normal business once more. To protect against this happening again we now require ALL new liveries to be quarantined for two weeks, with a blood test to confirm they are strangles-free before they can join the horses on the main yard. This reassures our existing liveries that any new horse is not going to bring the illness on to the yard.  This is especially important at the moment as strangles is still present on other yards in this area.

Why do I need to give you my passport?

This a DEFRA regulation, and also a stipulation as part of the organic scheme that Rollestone Farm is part of.

These are readily available if you need them, and are fully insured for fire or theft.  It is recommended that you take a photocopy for your own records of things like vaccination due dates, but I need the actual passport, not a photocopy.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Sadly in the past people have left the yard in the past owing several hundreds of pounds. These day’s I’m not so trusting! To prevent this I now ask for a full month’s livery up front as a deposit (as well as your actual livery for that month). On your last day at the yard you come to me and I will give you back your deposit in full, unless any money is outstanding on your bill, in which case this will be deducted.

Can I bring my dog to the yard?

Yes, dogs are welcome here, unless they start causing problems with the dogs already up here, in which case we ask that you keep them on a lead or leave them at home

Do you have a yard farrier?

Yes – We highly recommend Calvin Higgs Farrier Services. Calvin won the award for Best Shod Hunter at Devon County Show in 2017& 2018 and his attention to detail and workmanship is second to none.  He looks after our  competition ponies’ feet, having brought dressage pony Peter back from intermittent lameness, and returning him to his winning ways! As well as being an excellent farrier Calvin is polite and reliable, and (mostly) on time!

Your own farrier is of course welcome to continue shoeing your horse, although we ask that whichever farrier you use you sweep up the area after use to avoid nails etc being left out for horses to tread on/cars to drive over…

Can I use any vet?

Yes – we have several different vets visiting the yard, and we work closely with Stringer Equine who offer a yard visit on alternate Wednesdays where no call out fee is charged

How do I get a Rollestone hoody/polo shirt etc?

Regular orders for these popular items of clothing are usually placed once every couple of  months.

Other Information

Please make sure you are a member of our Facebook Group ‘Rollestone Liveries’. Yard social events, clinics, moans (from Chris & Cassie), and any other important information is posted on here. Any existing livery who you are friends with on Facebook can add you to the group, although members must be approved by the group admins.